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Utopia Temple Creator

Nickname Email Role
Brother Green Send an email to Brother Green • Utopia Temple Project Manager
• Utopia Temple Site Developer
• Utopia Angel Author and Programmer

Utopia Temple Forums Activists

Real Name Nickname Email Role
Stephen HandleyAzure DragonSend an email to Azure DragonGlobal Moderator
Nick K.HawkeyekidSend an email to HawkeyekidGlobal Moderator
Jani AaltonenLord MenchaliorSend an email to Lord MenchaliorGlobal Moderator
Karl ChapmanZequovixwaySend an email to ZequovixwayGlobal Moderator
Scott ShockSaint SinnerSend an email to Saint SinnerGlobal Moderator
Vjeko KoncKoncSend an email to KoncGlobal Moderator
James MooreSwiftySend an email to SwiftyGlobal Moderator
David UnkleValekSend an email to ValekGlobal Moderator
Lene JensenSossySend an email to Sossy"World of Warcraft" Moderator

Utopia Angel Acknowledgements
I would like to thank the following people for their assistance with Utopia Angel. Some of them helped me finding and fixing critical bugs, some enlightened me with amazing suggestions and ideas, and some worked with me on different projects. I can say for sure that Utopia Angel as it is today would have never been the same without their help. Thank you all!
(The list is sorted alphabetically)
Real Name Nickname Email
Fredrik Jacobsson Chaotic fredrik@jacobsson.nu
Guy Nesher TPR phoenix5@netvision.net.il
Jason Betts Larroke bettsja@muohio.edu
Johan Sundell - johan.s@home.se
Mark Smith - xb95@yahoo.com
Oren Ronen - oren3@isdn.net.il
Robert Teunissen Lort Gob lort.gob@mindless.com
Shane Milton Jaxidian jaxidian@jaxidian.com

Utopia Temple Acknowledgements

Real Name Nickname Email Reason
Dom GallagherTyrallSend an email to TyrallUtopia Temple site hosting
Daniel AnderssonBiirkaSend an email to BiirkaAll-in-One Online Formatter ver. 1
Aviad PinelesAviadSend an email to Aviad• All-in-One Online Formatter ver. 2
• Former Online Utopia Simulator
Trev JenkinsonTeKnIcIaNSend an email to TeKnIcIaNAll-in-One Online Formatter ver. 3 & 4
Cornel MargineRPGSend an email to RPGUtopia Prophet Author and ver. 1 Programmer
Justin SwettswettySend an email to swettyUtopia Prophet ver. 2 Programmer
James KneeboneDiggerSend an email to DiggerFormer Reporter, Interviewer, Moderator, Support-Team
Sander HordijkAerathSend an email to AerathFormer Global Moderator & Reporter
(top secret!)LyeriicSend an email to LyeriicUtopia Temple old site hosting
Teresa DietzingerAmethyst AngelSend an email to Amethyst AngelGothic Angel logo (coloring by Ryan "neo" Alemania)
JayKaneSend an email to KaneSupplied many pictures to the Photo Gallery
James EckersleyProteousSend an email to ProteousGenerous help with the site!