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Current Version: 2.30.01
Release Date: October 8th, 2005
File Size: 840 KB
Downloads to date: 34,241


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Utopia Prophet is fully supported, even though it is a free product. Please feel free to use our forums to report bugs and problems, ask questions or even help other users.

Utopia Prophet helps you plan your moves and actions with your real Utopia province, by simulating the Utopia world on your computer! Utopia Prophet creates an environment driven by the Utopia rules, in which you can plan your start-of-age strategies, foresee risky moves and conversions, and optimize your existing province.

Includes: Look and feel similar to Utopia, quick screens navigation, import your current province and work on it, detailed log of all your actions, format your screens with Utopia Angel.

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System Requirements
- Windows 32bit platform

- 800x600 screen resolution or higher

- Small Fonts Size setting