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Questions & Answers
Posted by Digger, 7254 days, 19 hours and 3 minutes ago
Mehul created a new board in the Utopia Forums the other day. The board is Questions & Answers.

Reporters, check in!
Posted by Brother Green, 7254 days, 20 hours and 7 minutes ago
Reporters, please contact me to gain access to our new news system.

We are ALIVE!
Posted by Brother Green, 7254 days, 20 hours and 12 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Temple News
So how many of you have REALLY thought that Utopia Temple is going to die? All those who did, go stand in the corner, facing the wall! We are back now, and very much alive and eager to serve you, as we do so well. Many new features will be added to the site once things cool down, so keep checking back on us!

I would really like to thank Dom Gallagher for the new hosting, and James Eckersley for his generous help along the way. Thanks to them Utopia Temple is alive now! Woohoo!

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