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Swirve Blog: Age 73 Final Changes
Posted by Utopia Temple, 1258 days, 20 hours and 40 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

Greetings Utopians! Age 73: The Age of Tricksters and Mischiefs will begin on August 14th 18:00 GMT +00:00

After much deliberation and consideration of all the feedback received (thank you everyone!) we would like to present to you the Final changes for Age 73.

We have implemented quite a few major mechanics changes over the past couple ages and would like to utilize this next age to balance the races and personalities a bit while everyone is still adjusting to the new mechanics and trying to fully understand how they work.

The mechanics section is important to take a look at once again as we are adjusting quite a few things, mostly for balance purposes and gameplay enhancement.

You’ll notice we are adding 2 new races and removing 2 races. Our goal here is to introduce new elements to the gameplay that have only always been a subtle undertone, such as good vs evil. Eventually this may lead into a grand scale Utopian War between all of the races both Good and Evil, but that is for another time! For now, we remove 2 of the current races and provide to you their counter-part. 


-25% Attack travel time
+40% Birth Rate
Can Train Elites with Credits
-5% Combat Gains
-2000 Starting Credits
-20% Training Credits
Cannot Use War Horses
Spell book: Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Blood Lust
Elite: 9/4, 775gc, 10.5NW

Dark Elf

+1 Offensive Specialist strength
+25% Spell Success (WPA)
+30% Combat Instant Spell Damage
35% Runes Refunded on Successful Spells
-1 Defensive Spec Strength
Spell book: Nightmare, Mage’s Fury
Elite: 4/7, 750gc, 10.0 NW


+20% Building Efficiency
Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits to Raze Buildings
-50% Building Construction Time
Can’t use Accelerated Construction
+100% Food consumption
Spell book: Mystic Aura
Elite: 7/4, 900gc, 10NW


All Spells (Except Paladin Only & Paradise)
-15% Income
Spell book: All Spells (Except Paladin Only & Paradise)
Elite:2/8, 900gc, 10.5NW


+30% Income
-25% Wages
Immune to Income Penalties
Increase Sci Spawn +25%
-15% Spell Success (WPA)
+30% Rune Costs
Spell book: Greater Protection
Elite: 8/3, 900gc, 10NW


+30% Battle Gains
Free draft
+20% Enemy casualties when attacking
+10% Military Casualties
-15% Thievery Effectiveness (TPA)
Spell book: Reflect Magic, Blood Lust
Elite: 10/1, 900gc, 9.5NW


-50% Offensive losses on attacks you make
Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
No Food Required
Successful land attacks convert Offensive Specialists into Elites
Defensive losses automatically convert to soldiers(Permanent Animate Dead)
+2 Offensive Specialist strength
+1 Mana per tick
Basic Thievery (Intel Operations Only)
No Elite Training
-15% Science Effectiveness
Spell book: Town Watch, Nightmares
Elite: 11/2, 10.5NW


Ignores Watchtowers
+1 Stealth per tick
+50% Effects from Honor
-15% Sabotage Damage
Spell book: Invisibility
Elite: 4/6, 450gc, 7.0 NW


All land produces food
Mercenaries & Prisoners 7/0
War Horses 3/0
+25% Attack Travel Time
-15% Enemy Military Casualties
Spell book: Aggression, Quick Feet
Elite: 12/2, 950gc, 11.0 NW


The Cleric

  • -35% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
  • Immune to The Plague
  • Pop Sci Effectiveness +15%
  • Access to Animate Dead
  • Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits
  • Access to Greater Protection

The Heretic

  • Wizards do not die on failed spells
  • Reduced thief losses on failed operations (-50%)
  • +10% Magic and Thievery Science Effectiveness
  • Spell and Operation Damage +15%
  • Access to Nightmares and Blizzard and Revelation
  • Starts with +150 Wizards and +300 thieves

The Mystic

  • All Guilds are 100% more effective
  • +75% Magic Science Effectiveness
  • Spell Damage +20%
  • Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Revelation and Paradise
  • Starts with +800 Wizards

The Paladin

  • Can cast Fading Self Spells on Kingdom Mates
  • Troops attack dragon with +25% increased power
  • Starting Soldiers +400
  • Starting Specialist Credits +400
  • Starting Wizards +400
  • All Paladin Only Spells & Fool’s Gold

The Rogue

  • +1 Stealth recovery per tick
  • Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
  • Thieves Dens are 50% more effective
  • +50% Thievery Science Effectiveness
  • Access to Gluttony
  • Access to Revelation
  • Access to Paradise
  • Starts with +800 thieves

The Sage

  • -30% Abduct Losses
  • Sci Effectiveness +30%
  • Starting Scientists +50%
  • Access to Amnesia

The Tactician

  • Attack Time -15%
  • Accurate Espionage
  • Starting Soldiers +800
  • Starting Specialist Credits +800
  • Access to Clear Sight

The War Hero

  • Battle Gains +5%
  • Honor Bonuses +100%
  • Income Penalty Protection
  • Dragon Immunity
  • Convert Specs into Elites
  • Starting Elites +800
  • Access to War Spoils and Pitfalls

The Warrior

  • +10% Off Military Efficiency
  • Military Science Efficiency +15%
  • Full Conquest Access
  • Starting Soldires +800
  • Spec Credits +800
  • Access to Fanaticism
  • Mana Costs - Flat cost - 3% self spell, 3% offensive spell (2% with relations) & 2% flat rate for all Paladin self spells on others & Ritual Spell casts will also be a flat cost of 2%
  • Stealth Costs - Flat cost - 3% stealth (2% with relations), 2% intel (1% SoT)
  • Paladin Spells - Increase all Paladin only spell durations
  • Paladin Self Spells - The formula used to calculate success rate will be adjusted to make casting self spells on your allies easier.  A WPA vs WPA calculation will still be made which will require Paladins to have WPA but the new formula will make it so that all Kingdom members have an opportunity to receive the self spell bonuses from their Paladins.  In other words, a significant increase in the success rate of Paladin spells, although you still need WPA it won’t be as significant a part of the formula as previously.
  • Fortified Stance Removed - A new stance called “Prosperous” will replace it.  Prosperous stance will be almost identical to Fortified. The main difference will be: Attacks into Prosperous will have no gains penalty; Attacks while your Kingdom is Prosperous will have reduced gains of -20% (instead of -50%) and scientists will gain experience during Prosperous.
  • Gains Throttling will be significantly more effective - Once the meter variance between Kingdoms is 50 points, each point over 50 will reduce gains by 1% up to a maximum of 75% at a variance of 125 meter points.  Max meter will remain at 150
  • Auto-CeaseFire (Surrender) - Once a meter variance of 100 points occurs between 2 Kingdoms, the Kingdom with lower meter points will have the option to Surrender to the aggressor Kingdom.  This will create an in-game CeaseFire between both kingdoms that cannot be cancelled by either side for a minimum of 7 days.  The surrendering Kingdom will be required to not have any attacks for at least 12 hours similar to the restriction on Withdraw during War.  You must also be OUT of war declaration range in order to have this button available to you.
  • War Gains Formula - The top-feed minimum gains is being reduced slightly to accommodate the LBG top-feed bonuses from Age 72 (note this is only for Top Feed gains, all other gains remain the same)
  • Rituals Length - Rituals will have a minimum length of 48 hours (120 max remains)
  • Ritual Life - Rituals will now be destroyable.  There will be a new spell used specifically for Ritual destruction.  The spell will be in the upper tier of difficulty and will reduce strength of the Ritual by a flat rate of 2%.  A Ritual destruction spell can only be cast on a single province a maximum of 10 times such that in order to destroy a Ritual from 100% to 0% you would need to cast the spell 10x on 5 different provinces.  Once a Ritual reaches 0% strength it will be removed, unless it has not reached it’s minimum duration of 48 hours, at which point it will remain until the 48th tick and be removed at that time.
  • Elite Longevity - Elite losses via NightStrike will be closer to losses of Specialists seen now.  Elites that go into retraining from Nightmare will also increase closer to that of specialists.  Propaganda has also seen an increase to elite damage closer to that of Specialists.  Military Casualties will be unchanged.
  • Universities - Effects from Universities will be reduced to a maximum reduction of 50%, and the rate of effect will begin at 2.5%
  • Aid Explorable Acres - Explorable acres will now have the option to be sent to other members of your Kingdom.  75% of the acres transferred will be destroyed.  Acres will not be available for transfer during protection.  Acres will have a Trade Balance cost of 500 gc each.  
  • Science Caps - Science will no longer have a hard maximum for all categories. The purpose of this is to allow players more freedom to make your province unique and provide further bonuses to the areas you choose. Science will scale in a linear fashion similar to Age 72 up to the previously stated maximums as normal.  Once this point is reached additional scientists will yield diminishing returns.
  • Ritual Types - New rituals added and adjustments made to existing rituals to balance the effects
  1. Onslaught: +10% OME, +15% enemy casualties on attacks, +20% honor gains
  2. Barrier: +10% DME & Spell/Thief damage -10%
  3. Affluent: Income +10%, Draft Speed +15%, BR +20%, +5% BE (not WAR only)
  4. Havoc: +OTPA +15% & +OPWA +15% & +Spell/Thief damage +5%
New Features

These don’t necessarily fall under Mechanics changes but are new to the game:

  • Interactive Player Sign-Up: We are developing a method through which Kingdom Monarchs will have a better opportunity to have players join their Kingdom that fit what they are looking for, and respectively new players will have a better opportunity to join Kingdoms that fit what they are looking for in terms of experience, competitiveness, and play style
  • Log-In Statistics: Once logged into your Master Account, on the World Chooser page there will be a display of your current age log-in statistics which will include the amount of times you’ve logged in and the total minutes you’ve been active in Utopia.  There may also be a “Most Log-Ins” & “Most Minutes in Game” displaying the information of the highest stats acheived at that time.
  • In-Game Mail: There will be a search function added to the in-game mail area to allow you to search keywords.  Messages displayed will be increased from 10 to 25 (or 50)
  • Utopia-Game.com Landing Page: The landing page will show the total users currently logged into the game
  • New Log-In Bonuses: To encourage activity there will be a new log in bonus (in addition to the 5 free acres) that will be based on activity throughout the entire day.  The bonus will vary based on your activity, with 3 possible bonuses available, 50% income, 100% income, 200% income of one hours income.  The bonus will provided will be based on your previous day’s activity and will be generated on your first log in of the day (Utopian day).  Example, if you qualify for 100% income for activity throughout January Yr 0 you will receive an instant bonus of 100% your current income for that hour the first time you log in on during February Yr 0.  
Bug Fixes
  • Kingdom Espionage sort issues will be fixed
  • Scientist networth will now reflect the previously announced networth values
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