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Swirve Blog: Age 71 Proposed Changes
Posted by Utopia Temple, 1426 days, 21 hours and 8 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

Welcome everyone!  The Age of Daunting Judgement is coming to a close and so we would like to offer you our proposed list of changes for the upcoming Age 71.  We want to bring back a lot of aspects to the game that we feel influenced a large strategic element to the gameplay.  Part of this is the inclusion of penalties on all races.  We want players to experience both advantages and disadvantages with their race choice and devise cunning strategy to deal with these things most effectively.

We encourage everyone to provide feedback on these changes.  We want to include community feedback as much as we can to steer the game in a positive direction that we can all enjoy.  Please also understand that we can not satisfy all requests, but we will do our best to accommodate the changes that we feel will produce the most desirable effect on the game!

Please keep in mind we are making some significant changes to a lot of the ways different things work, which will create a much different atmosphere than you may be used to, so please read through all changes before coming to conclusions as to specific areas. Anyway here we go:

Please provide your feedback here


Age 70 End: Friday March 10th at 00:00 GMT
Age 71 Freeze Start: Friday 10th March at 06:00 GMT
Age 71 Protection Start: Saturday 11th March at 18:00 GMT
Age 71 Protection End: Sunday 12th March at 18:00 GMT


+30% Income
Immune to Income Penalties
-10% Spell Success
+10% Military Casualties
Spell book: Greater Protection, Quick Feet
Elite: 10/4, 1000gc, 9.5NW


+25% Battle Gains
Free draft
+20% Enemy casualties when attacking
-20% Science Effectiveness
-10% Thievery Effectiveness (TPA)
Spell book: Reflect Magic, Blood Lust
Elite: 13/2, 1000gc, 11NW


-75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
No Food Required
Attacks convert Offensive Specialists into Elites
Defensive losses automatically convert to soldiers(Permanent Animate Dead)
+3 Offensive Specialist strength
Basic Thievery (Intel Operations Only)
No Elite Training
-35% Science Effectiveness
Spell book: Town Watch
Elite: 15/1, 10.5NW


-25% Attack travel time
Cannot be ambushed
+40% Birth Rate
+1 Offensive Specialist strength
+15% Military Casualties
Cannot Use War Horses
Spell book: Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Blood Lust
Elite: 11/4, 775gc, 10NW


+20% Building Efficiency
Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits to Raze Buildings
-50% Building Construction Time
+1 Offensive specialist strength
+1 Defensive specialist strength
Can’t use Accelerated Construction
+100% Food consumption
Spell book: Mystic Aura
Elite: 8/8, 850gc, 9.5NW


+10% Population
+50% Thievery Operation Success (TPA)
-50% Thief cost
+1 Stealth per tick
+2 Offensive Specialist Strength
-5% Building Efficiency
-10% Birth Rate
Spell book: Aggression, Mages Fury
Elite: 6/8, 700gc, 10NW


+40% Combat Instant Spell Damage
+40% Sabotage Operation Damage
+1 mana per tick in war
-5% Population
-10% Birth Rate
Spell book: All Racial Spells and Tree of Gold
Elite:5/10, 1050gc, 11.5NW


+2 Defensive Specialist strength
+35% Spell Success (WPA)
+25% Spell Damage
+50% Rune Generation
-35% Military Casualties
+50% Military Wages
Spell book: Pitfalls, Invisibility, Fools’ Gold
Elite: 8/7, 900gc, 9.5NW


 The Cleric

 -35% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
Immune to The Plague
Access to Animate Dead
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits
Access to Greater Protection

 The Heretic

 Wizards do not die on failed spells
Thieves do not die on failed operations
Successful spell casts get 35% of rune cost refunded
+20% Spell Success
+20% Magic and Thievery Science Effectiveness.
Access to Nightmares and Blizzard
Starts with +100 Wizards and +200 thieves
Access to Revelation

The Mystic

 All Guilds are 100% more effective
+75% Magic Science Effectiveness
Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Revelation
Starts with +400 Wizards

The Rogue

 +1 Stealth recovery per tick
Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
Thieves Dens are 50% more effective
+75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
Access to Gluttony
Access to Revelation
Starts with +400 thieves

The Sage

 Protect 30% of scientists on abduct attack
Scientists are 25% more effective
Access to Amnesia
Starts with 20% extra scientists
Increase base Scientist spawn rate by 25%

The Tactician

 -20% Attack Time
Accurate Espionage
Access to Clear Sight
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Warrior

 +10% Offensive Military Efficiency
Enhanced Conquest range
+ 1 General
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The War Hero

 +125% Honor Effects
Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks (increasing this amount by ~20%)
Immune to Dragon and Income penalty effects
+10% Battle Gains
Increase honor gains by generating honor in all land attacks (in or out of war)
Access to War Spoils, Pitfalls and Fanaticism
Starts with 800 elites


Scientist Recruit rank from 6 hours to 3 hours
Scientist Spawn rate lowered slightly
Food Science will now be Food and Rune Production 
Food and Rune Production Science maximum will be 120% from 200%
Magic Science will no longer increase Wizard Production
The science effects produced by scientists will have a diminishing return (instead of the current linear system in place)
Revelation will increase scientist spawn rate by 35%, down from 100%
Revelation duration will be lowered
Blood Lust will provide +10% Offensive Military Efficiency & +15% Higher Military Losses for the attacker & +10% Military Losses for the defender
Anonymity will no longer destroy honor during war
The Attack Gains formula will include a land factor such that attacks that may have previously yielded little to no gains will now yield gains, example: a 1000 acre province with 75,000 NW being attacked by a 1000 acre province with 250,000 NW would normally yield a 0 acre gain.  This attack would now produce an acre gain.
The Attack Gains formula may also receive tweaks to adjust the scaling of how relative net worth affects gains in such a way that further discourages bottom-feeding and promotes protecting your own land.
The War Win bonus choice of ‘Land’ or 'Honor’ will be removed.  All War Wins will yield a single bonus, which will be an increased amount of both Land and Honor.

(Source: forums.utopia-game.com)

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