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Swirve Blog: Age 69 Changes
Posted by Utopia Temple, 1507 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related
Here are the changes for Age 69. Thank you to everyone that gave constructive feedback. As you saw we are overhauling the science system, here is some more detail on how it will work.

Science Explanation for Players
Books of science and learning have been removed. You can no longer invest in science to create books, nor allocate them to different sciences. As a consequence, books no longer contribute to net worth, and book are no longer given as part of end of war bonuses.

Instead of books, each province starts out with about 18 scientists, each of whom are are assigned to a random category of science, but which you can reassign at will. Every province has a chance of having a new scientists emerge on each game day, such that an average province will have about 80 - 120 by the end of the age, depending on mods. You will get a message in your province news whenever a new scientist emerges. Scientists do not take up population space.

Each scientist makes an impact on the the science they are assigned to, such as + population or + food. The impact that each scientist makes mainly depends on their level: novice make a small impact, graduates make a larger impact and professors make double the impact of novices. The total impact of scientists is capped, depending on the science category. You would need about 120 professors to cap out every kind of science.

Scientists skill up the longer you leave them assigned to the same science category, and drop back down to novice whenever you reassign them. It takes 72 game days (3 real days) to level up to graduate, and 168 game days (one real week) to reach professor. The number of game days required for each scientist to reach the next level is displayed on the science page.

Scientists also make a contribution to net worth based on their skill level. Every game day of experience that your scientists have is valued at 2.6gc, meaning that 100 professors would contribute about 44K gc.

Learns attacks are now replaced with Abduct attacks, which capture a number of random Scientists from your opponent. These scientists are captured intact with their experience, allocated science and name.

The Amnesia spell has also been updated to make your opponent’s scientists lose a number of game days worth of experience. For some this will delay them reaching the next level, while it will effectively demote some others to the previous level.

Fountain of Knowledge previously increased book production for a while. This spell is now gone, and is replaced by the Revelate spell. The revelate spell increases the probability of a new scientist emerging on each affected game day by 30% while it is cast.

The Spy on Science op has been updated, and will steal a report on the total number of scientists assigned to each science type, along with their total effect (but you cannot steal specifics like how many professors there are).

Libraries, used to create a bonus towards every science effect, including the science of tools, which in turn created a bonus on each land type except libraries, since that would mean that libraries and tools would have a circular effect on each other. Libraries are now gone, along with the circular effect of libraries on other types of buildings. Knowledge of tools, which helps building efficiency, is governed solely by how many scientists you have allocated to it.

A new building type, Laboratories, now helps generate more Scientists, increasing the probability that a new scientist will emerge on any given game day.

Schools used to provide a home for books, having a dual effect of reducing the cost of producing books and protecting books from learn attacks. Schools are now gone. In their place are Universities, which provide refuge for Scientists from Abduction attacks.

In short, laboratories help create scientists, while universities keep them safe from abduction and amnesia.

The Sage personality previously had special advantages with books. Sages are still somewhat protected from learn attacks and enjoy sole access to the amnesia spell, but instead of their land spontaneously generating books, their scientists are 30% smarter. Instead of their books being protected from Learn attacks, their scientists have 50% reduced losses on Adbuct attacks. Also, instead of starting with more books, they start with 10% extra scientists.

The Fortified stance previously had the effect of capping the research rate on books. This has now been changed. While in fortified, all scientific progress stops, as you have cut yourself off from the world. During fortified no new scientists will emerge, and your existing scientists will not progress in skill level.

Age 68 End: Friday August 5th at 6PM GMT
Age 69 Freeze Start: Saturday 6th August at 6PM GMT
Age 69 Protection Start: Tuesday 9th August at 6PM GMT
Age 69 Protection End: Wednesday 10th August at 6PM GMT

-35% Attack travel time
Cannot be ambushed
+40% Birth rates

Elite: 9/3, 650gc, 8.75 NW
Spellbook: Fanaticism, Greater Protection

Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits To Raze Buildings
-50% Building Construction Time
-50% food consumption
+1 offensive specialist strength
+1 defensive specialist strength

Can’t use Accelerated Construction

Spellbook: Mystic Aura, Clear Sight
Elite: 8/6, 700gc, 8NW

+2 defensive specialist strength
+40% Spell Success
+50% land effect from Towers

Spellbook: Pitfalls, Invisibility, Fools Gold
Elite: 7/6, 750gc, 8.5NW

+ 20% Combat Instant Spell Damage
+ 20% Sabotage Operation Damage
+1 mana per tick in war
+1 stealth per tick

Spellbook: All racial spells and Tree of Gold
Elite: 6/8, 1000gc, 10NW

+30% Thievery Operation Success (TPA)
-50% thief cost
Double effect from Thieves Dens

Spellbook: Aggression, Mages Fury
Elite: 8/4, 700gc, 8NW

+ 30% income
Immune to Income Penalties
- 50% defensive losses

-15% Spell Success

Spellbook: Revelation, Quick Feet
Elite: 9/4, 750gc, 9NW

+20% Battle Gains
Free draft
+25% Enemy casualties when attacking

-10% science effectiveness

Spellbook: Reflect Magic
Elite: 12/2, 900gc, 10.5NW

-75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
No Food Required

Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)

Spellbook: Town Watch, Animate Dead
Elite: 11/3, 1150gc, 10NW


The Cleric
-35% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
Immune to The Plague
Access to Pitfalls
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Heretic
Wizards do not die on failed spells
Thieves do not die on failed operations
Successful spell casts get 40% of rune cost refunded
+25% Spell Success
+25% Magic and Thievery Science Effectiveness.
Access to Nightmares and Blizzard
Starts with +100 Wizards and +200 thieves

The Mystic
All Guilds are twice as effective
+50% Magic Science Effectiveness
Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity
Starts with +200 Wizards

The Rogue
+1 Stealth recovery per tick
Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
+75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
Access to Gluttony
Starts with +400 thieves

The Sage
Protect 50% of scientists on abduct attack
Scientists are 30% more effective
Access to Amnesia
Starts with 10% extra scientists

The Tactician
-15% Attack Time
Accurate Espionage
Access to Clear Sight
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Warrior
+10% Offensive Military Efficiency
Enhanced Conquest range
+ 1 General
Access to Bloodlust
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The War Hero
+100% Honor Effects
Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
Immune to Dragon and Income penalty effects
Access to War Spoils
Starts with 400 elites

Science - explained above.

Each Dragon type will have different health and cost

Slightly more expensive, a lot more health
A lot cheaper, health reduced significantly
Cost unchanged, health slightly reduced
A lot more expensive, health increased significantly

Building networth will be modified to move the balance of networth onto the acre itself, rather than the building.
Soldier networth will be reduced.

New spell: Blizzard
Reduces the building effectiveness of a province by 10%, does not stack, medium cost and difficulty, short duration.

Attack speed
Reduction in war buffed from -20% to -25%.

Forums+ wiki
Upgrading to a better server and migrating the forums and wiki to it. May be some forum downtime while we do this over the weekend.

72 hours max fortified, 96 hour cooldown for all.

Also various bug fixes, will update when i have more info. (Original post)

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