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Swirve Blog: Age 67 Changes
Posted by Utopia Temple, 1848 days, 5 hours and 17 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

Hi all, below please find the final changes for Age 67, we’ve taken all the feedback on board and made some adjustments as well some additional mechanic changes.

Age 67 Schedule

Age 66 End: Saturday 2nd Jan at 6PM GMT
Age 67 Freeze Start: Saturday 2nd Jan at 7PM GMT
Age 67 Protection Start: Tuesday 5th Jan at 6PM GMT
Age 67 Protection End: Wednesday 6th Jan at 6PM GMT

-25% Attack Time
+66% Birth Rate
Ambush Immunity
+ 1 General

Cannot use Stables

Elite: 6/2, 650gc, 5.5 nw
Spellbook: Fanaticism, Greater Protection

+20% Building Efficiency
Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits To Raze Buildings

Can’t use Accelerated Construction
+ 100% food consumption

Spellbook: Fools Gold, Mystic Aura, Pitfalls
Elite: 6/3, 600gc, 6.5NW

+ 40% Spell Success (WPA)
+1 defensive specialist strength
-30% defensive losses

Spellbook: Nightmares, Pitfalls, Invisibility
Elite: 5/4, 700gc, 6NW


+ 20% Combat Instant Spell Damage
+ 20% Sabotage Operation Damage
+ 20% Spell Duration
+1 mana per tick in war
+1 stealth per tick

Spellbook: All racial spells
Elite: 4/5, 800gc, 6NW


+50% Thievery Operation Success (TPA)
-50% thief cost
+10% population
+1 offensive specialist strength

Spellbook: Aggression, Mages Fury
Soldiers 2:2 Elite: 4/4, 350gc, 5.25NW

+ 20% Offensive Military Efficiency in War
Can train elites or specialists with Specialist credits

-10% battle gains

Spellbook: Fountain of Knowledge, Quick Feet
Elite: 6/3, 950, 6.5NW

+20% Battle Gains
Free draft
+25% Enemy casualties when attacking

-10% science effectiveness

Spellbook: Reflect Magic, Clear Sight
Elite: 7/1, 750gc, 6NW

-75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
No Food Required

Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)

Spellbook: Town Watch, Animate Dead
Elite: 7/2, 800gc, 6.5NW


The Cleric
-30% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
Immune to The Plague
Access to Pitfalls
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Merchant
Gain 20% more Specialist and Building Credits
Access to Tree of Gold
Starts with +1600 specialist credits

The Mystic

All Guilds are twice as effective
+1 mana per tick
+50% Magic Science Effectiveness
Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Nightmares
Starts with +200 Wizards

The Rogue
+1 Stealth recovery per tick
+ 100% land effect from Thieves Dens
Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
+75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
Access to Vermin
Starts with +400 thieves

The Sage
Protect 75% of science on attacks
Every 2 acres generates 1 book of science
Access to Amnesia
Starts with 40000 science books

The Tactician

-15% Attack Time
Accurate Espionage
Access to Clear Sight
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Warrior
+10% Offensive Military Efficiency
Enhanced Conquest range
Access to Bloodlust
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The War Hero
+100% Honor Effects
Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
Immune to Dragon and Income penalty effects
Access to War Spoils
Starts with 400 elites


Dragons: Ruby dragon buffed from 8% to 10%

Kingdom locations: If you’re in war, when you go to the thievery or combat spells page we will automatically target the enemy kingdom you’re at war with

Vacation mode: Cannot leave or enter VM while your kingdom is in war

Espionage tab: Added some additional info to the kingdom espionage page - personality, race runes, gold and food

Wars and wins:
50 books per acre of science (based on median province size) granted to both kingdoms
An additional 150 BPA added to the winner
Wizard training doubled in end of war ceasefire

Kingdom page: Provinces that are being sat show as online when they are being used.    
Gold: You can now stack GC over 2.15 billion

FB: sharing the games URL on facebook no longer results in the message reporting text appearing

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