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Utopia Articles

Article Name Author RL Date Utopian Time
A Utopian Speech CommunityC.J. Montague12-Mar-2004Round 24
Kingdom ThemesVindexus21-Mar-2001Round 11
Taking SnapshotsMighty24-Nov-2000Round 10
Does Utopia Rule Our Lives?KINGPIN7-Nov-2000Round 10
You Have Just Been GangbangedFBI Paco16-Oct-2000End of Round 9
Avians Networth AnalysisDigger11-Oct-2000End of Round 9
Constantly rising DPANasrudin5-Oct-2000End of Round 9

Utopia Interviews

Celebrity Name Interviewer RL Date Utopian Time
Mehul Patel Catwalk 29-Jul-2008 End of Round 39
Mehul Patel Digger 7-Nov-2006 Beginning of Round 33
Mehul Patel Blade Warrior 24-Aug-2004 Mid Round 25
Mehul Patel Digger 07-May-2003 Mid Round 20
Mehul Patel Digger 20-Sep-2002 End of Round 17
Mehul Patel Digger 10-Dec-2001 Mid Round 14
Mehul Patel Digger 10-Jul-2001 End of Round 12
Mehul Patel Brother Green 08-Oct-2000 End of Round 9
Nybbe Archfiend 19-May-2000 Beginning of Round 8
Linda Archfiend 02-May-2000 End of Round 7
Sudden Death Archfiend 01-Mar-2000 Mid Round 7
Archfiend Forgot Feb-2000 Beginning of Round 7
Saurons Pets Archfiend 29-Jan-2000 End of Round 6
Kanga Archfiend 02-Jan-2000 End of Round 6
Mehul Patel Utopia Depot Staff 16-Aug-1999 End of Round 4
Mehul Patel Archfiend 25-May-1999 End of Round 3